Sous Vide - Fish

Sous Vide Salmon
The first in a series of three master classes, each illustrating basic sous vide techniques for different ingredients: fish, meat and vegetables. Each master class
will explore how the given ingredient reacts to different time and temperature ratio's, arriving at an optimal combination.
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Sous Vide - Beef

Sous Vide Beef
In this, the second in our series of basic sous vide techniques, we look at the cooking of meat, specifically beef. Cuts chosen were: Fillet, the softest of the meats used, but also with the least amount of flavour; sirloin: more flavoursome than fillet but not as tender and; rump: the toughest of
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Sous Vide - Chicken

Sous Vide Chicken
The third in our sous vide master class series, where each takes an experimental look at the application of sous vide as a cooking technique. We began with fish, then meat, and in this issue, poultry. The focus of this series of experiments
has been to define the ideal cooking time and temperature for each.
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Sous Vide - Veggie

Sous Vide Vegetables
As with meat and fish, sous vide has also dramatically changed the way we cook vegetables. From aspects of flavour, preventing oxidization and convenience, it has much to offer.
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